Google Sheets Add-on for automated marketing reporting

Import and analyze Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, MySQL, Json, XML and more in Google Sheets. Get the data from the various tools that you’re using directly into Google spreadsheets with a 1-click setup. Build beautiful marketing dashboards in minutes!

Use Existing Templates

Select templates from our Template Gallery and get ready to use reports within seconds! Schedule data refresh and email beautiful reports to yourself or your clients.

Create Custom Queries

Create custom queries that you can add to automate data pulling into your existing spreadsheets or into more advanced templates


Check out our available integrations! If you can’t find your desired tool, vote for it here – we’re always keen to add more!

Google Analytics

Facebook Insights

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Instagram Insights

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Google Ads

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Google Search Console

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Facebook Ads

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Amazing tool! As a web agency, we are really glad to use KPIBees as it allows us to import data from multiple sources in Google Sheets where we create various reports and charts that our clients need.

Peter Azzopardi from