XML + Google Spreadsheets =

KPIBees Google Add-on.

How to Convert XML to Google Sheets

What is XML?

XML, or Extensible Markup Language (XML), is markup language that is used for data transfer between parties.

Convert XML to Google Sheets

It has never been more simpler to convert XML to Google Sheets and display the data in a spreadsheet.  Use the Google Sheets Add-on KPIBees and with just a few clicks, you can import XML. 

Step 1: Go to the KPIBees Gsuite Marketplace listing and install the Google Sheets Add-on.

Step 2: Grant the access KPIBees – don’t worry, we’re GDPR compliant!

Step 3: Open any google spreadsheet and go to Add-ons in the page menu and click on Launch.

Google Sheet Add-on location toolbar.

Step 4: Click on the XML integration.

Convert XML Integration Google Sheets

Step 5:  Add a Name to the XML query and add the XML data source url in the Data Url field.

Upload XML to Google Sheets

Step 6:  Add a Name to the query and add the XML data source url in the Data Url field. If require a simple XML query, this setup should be enough to get your result by pressing Save!

Step 7 (Optional):  If your XML url is not accessible via url – so basically behind a login wall – you need to add Request Header parameters. To test whether your url is accessible, open it in an incognito browser and check whether your XML is displayed.

Step 8:  Run the query and import the XML into Google Sheets. The XML query result will be placed starting with your selected spreadsheet cell as illustrated below.


Add XML to Spreadsheet Cell


XPath to Google Sheets

XPath is a query language that can be used to extract data from an XML file. It should be used to fetch only certain parts of your XML and import those parts into Google Sheets. To find out more about XPath syntax, check out this resource.


Automatically import XML API to Google Sheets

A lot of times when you’re working with a JSON API, you might have the need to view the data in a better format. With KPIBees, you can automatically import JSON api to Google Sheets and trigger automatic refresh times. 
If the data from your XML source changes frequently, you might want to consider setting a refresh trigger for your XML to Google Sheets query. By performing this step, your data will always be up to up to date. 

Whenever a refresh is performed, KPIBees can also send email or slack notifications with the refreshed data in pdf format. 


Automatically add json api to google sheets


Combine XML data in spreadsheet reports with: